About Us

Pitch's first South African client was none other than the famous bidding auction site Smokoo.com.
We took Smokoo as a client on a scant R10 000 marketing budget and managed to take it to great heights. Within just 6 months, we took it from its digital infancy, to 300 000+ visits a month, and a whopping R5.5 million in revenue per month. Using a perfectly balanced team resulted in Smokoo ranking as the 29th most popular site in South Africa in 2011, prior to the site being sold at the end of March 2011 for an undisclosed amount. Other marketing companies laughed at such a tiny budget while we took up the challenge and delivered!

The staff at Pitch knows that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to get the job done. The team is made up of seasoned experts from a variety of marketing fields who are no strangers to delivering excellent service and making megabucks for our clients. At Pitch, we strive for excellence in our services and client relationships. We believe that our clients should be proud to associate their brands and services with us.To date, Pitch has helped over 200 clients attain greater success than they ever imagined. We have also managed to make our clients wealthy in the process, with millions of rand/dollars/euros in revenue generated.

Doing things perfect does not mean it needs to be expensive. We are professional and cost-effective
in our services. We make success affordable and give clients maximum value for minimum price.


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