Think of search engine optimisation as the digital brick and mortar of your business. Without SEO, people cannot find you online. It is what makes all other aspects of digital marketing work. Optimising a website so that it ranks in search results is a process that can take months to achieve, but once you’re ranking, you’ll see ROI in no time, and with Just Perfect, you’ll have an agency that knows how to keep you up there, making sure that the leads keep rolling in.

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Pay per click is the doughnut to SEO’s Homer; the Chewy to its Han Solo; the scissors to its Edward Scissorhands. Sure, SEO is excellent on its own, but with PPC, it’s just… complete. In digital marketing, all activities work together to create an unbeatable digital foundation. PPC will bring in leads almost immediately, and it will help boost your SEO ranking too. With a strong landing page and a good PPC campaign, people will be yelling, “Take my money!”

The way PPC works is simple – think of the process like an auction, except money is not the only factor that counts. Google looks at dozens and dozens of factors when determining which business should come out on top in search results. When your advert bids with all the necessary requirements, it will be number one in paid search results, and people will click on it. And the best part about it is that you’ll only pay when people click it, hence the name “pay per click.”

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These days, what do people do before they buy from a company they've never done business with before? They look them up on social media. People want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of every business before they’ll even consider making a purchase.

Social Media Marketing is the most underrated but powerful tool we have in online advertising. It’s a way to not only sell to potential customers, but to create personal, lifelong relationships with them. Why make one sale to one customer, when you can make repeated sales to repeat customers? This is what social media marketing makes possible.

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In the business world, public respect and trust are your biggest allies.

Your business’s long term success relies heavily on building and managing strong relationships with potential and existing clients. Our digital agency has experience in implementing dynamic and innovative PR strategies, adding a personal touch that sets our clients apart from the competition.

Our excellent connections with various media outlets and well-known broadcasting professionals, combined with a passion for each project, results in incredible exposure for your brand.

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Keeping pace with the latest digital trends, our digital agency gives your company’s online presence a major boost. Whether designing a website from scratch or overhauling an existing site, our exceptionally talented design team will create a website that perfectly illustrates your business personality, focusing on a quality look and feel, ease of usability and accessibility, informative content and the ultimate goal of client conversion.

PITCH optimises websites for the rapidly growing mobile sector, meaning that your website will be readily accessible on any smartphone or tablet.

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Our digital agency has no limits when it comes to getting positive exposure for your business.

Gaming is an entertaining and memorable way of raising awareness and educating the public about what products and services your company provides.

The use of gaming for marketing opens up many new avenues and allows your message to reach the consumer on a whole new level.

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