We offer our clients the service of creating a corporate identity that resonates with them as well as their clients.

Our skilled professionals do this by following a step-by-step process whereby we design and implement a plan for creating the perfect corporate identity for our clients. This process is as follows:

Revision of mission and values of the company

We do this so that we can immerse ourselves in the culture and values of the company, and when we’re finished, we know its history as well as its owners. This is how we achieve a design that perfectly matches the tenets of the business.

Market Research

We conduct market research to find out what others think of the business and its products and services. This involves discovering what external clients, as well as internal staff, think.

Competitive Research

We delve deep into researching the competition, because a corporate identity cannot be developed without first figuring out what you’re up against. This is done together with our clients as it can help them to figure out what aspects of their competitors they like and don’t like, and this gives us a definitive direction. This process involves looking at these competitors’ online presence, including their websites and social media marketing, as well as other physical aspects of their brand.

Short and Long-Term Goals

We encourage our clients to give us their short- and long-term goals for the business, because, above all else, we want to create a corporate identity that is able to endure over time, with all changes and successes to the business.


This is the part where we start to hammer out ideas and from this collection of concepts and designs we select the most brilliant ones and present them to our clients.


Once we have selected the perfect designs, we revise them again to ensure that the selected corporate identity is consistent both with the mission of the business as well as its target market.

Creation of Marketing Materials

These will vary depending on the client, and can consist of logos, letterheads, stationery, flyers, compliment slips, business cards, and brochures.

Develop a Strategy

We then develop a strategy for when and where each marketing item will be applicable to use to ensure uniformity of the brand across all platforms, whether online or real world, and to make certain that all members of staff use the corporate identity within the correct parameters.