Proactive risk management includes the forecasting of potential crises and how to manage them. Crisis management, in the face of a current crisis, requires strategic public relations to overcome any damage that has occurred to public image.

This is accomplished through effective social media campaigns, press releases and interviews. It is important to be transparent in these situations, taking complete ownership of the situation and communicating honestly and openly with your target market.



  • Clearly define your core business principles, mission statements and company values
  •  Liaise with key spokespeople in your industry
  •  Study everything related to your industry and identify up-and-coming trends
  •  Meet with you regularly to discuss up-and-coming industry and business changes
  • Research, write and distribute press releases to targeted media
  • Craft and pitch interesting and informative article/interview concepts to the media
  • Write and edit articles, case studies, speeches and press releases
  • Assist company representatives with media interviews – communication training and interview preparation