Display Advertising Packages

Catch everyone’s attention with display advertising that does more than just exhibit your company.
Display advertising is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and credibility online. It allows you to reach millions of internet users and increase your conversion rate as a complement to your search and social media campaigns. Display advertising is an extremely visual type of advertising that usually refers to the banners that appear on websites. It tends to be visually striking and uses text, animations and pictures to grab people’s attention.

In this way you can gain better control of your ROI by managing marketing campaigns more effectively as well as optimising procedures and lead follow-ups.

Why you need it

Environmentally green

Mother Earth loves display advertising. It does not use any paper and leaves a small carbon footprint. Straight up electronic, waste-free advertising is the way of the future.

Works immediately

There is no waiting period and no delay, just instant awareness and increased site visits

Needs no prior knowledge to work

People do not need to know about your site for this kind of marketing to reach them. If they are on another site that relates to what you do, your ad will pop up and ta-da! There you are.

Creates general awareness

Even if people who see your banner don’t click on it immediately, the memory of it will keep floating around in their minds. When they finally do need a product or service that you provide, your business will be the first place they go

Relevant and interactive

You can make your display advertising relevant to the content on the page it appears on and, in so doing, become part of the content. Your advert is not just a little statement waving happily; it is part of the overall message. Back this up with cool interactive elements and readers will be flocking to your site

Goes straight to your target audience

The internet is a magnificent place where you can reach just about any target audience. The beauty of display marketing is that your ad can appear on sites where your target audience is already present in abundance and you can target an audience based on interests, age, area and just about every other kind of demographic

Effectiveness can be tracked

You can see how hard it is working for your business. The number of clicks on the banners, as well as the amount that leads to actual sales, can be traced. This gives you the power to make your display marketing more effective

What Pitch Does

Right off the bat, we get familiar with your business and what it does. You can’t market something you don’t understand, right?

As soon as we get a feel for who you are, we determine what would be the best sites and channels for using display advertising for your specific company, and this where relevance comes into play. We make sure your banners only appear on sites that work with the banner and vice versa. This sounds a lot faster than it actually is, though - it's pretty labour-intensive and requires a lot of research to get it right.

Now that we have the location, location, location, our amazing designers start crafting your beautiful banner with the help of our copywriters. This design is then approved by you and we implement it.

After a little while, we start to track the success of your adverts and then, if necessary, change their placement so that you get the best results. This is an on-going process that requires a lot of dedication, but we do it with a smile.