With Call Tracking from Just Perfect you can:

Find out where potential clients found your number

Record calls for quality control and reference purposes

Track callers’ location and number

Find out which keywords and landing pages converted to a call

Monitor online and offline advertising campaigns by assigning different call tracking numbers to different campaigns

Just Perfect Call Tracking lets you record every call and monitor trends based on call data. With Just Perfect’s call tracking, clients can use
customised tracking numbers for each different marketing campaign – from your website, to pay per click, to print ads, and everything in between.

In this way you can gain better control of your ROI by managing marketing campaigns more effectively as well as optimising procedures
and lead follow-ups.

Just Perfect Call Tracking is Packed with Features Including

Our Tracking Numbers Work Instantly in 30 Countries

Both local and toll-free tracking numbers are available

No minimum numbers need to be bought

Easily port numbers from other carriers

Routing options such as IVR menus, georouting, and call schedules are available

Making the Most of Call Tracking

Synchronise leads from call tracking with HubSpot.

Analyse data directly in Google Analytics. All calls including call details appear under ‘Events’ in Google Analytics while conversions can be monitored in Adwords.

Integrate call tracking data into your software.

Synchronise caller contact info, advertising channel and call recordings with Salesforce software to track each call as a lead.

Use our WordPress Plugin to implement tracking on your WordPress website.

View and analyse calls in KISSmetrics analytics.