Each day there is a growing number of Internet users who are abandoning the desktop and are instead using smart devices to conduct their online searches. These mobile users have created demand for fully-functional, user-friendly mobile sites, and you can be assured that, if you do not meet this demand, your potential clients will give their business to someone who does. This is why we dedicate a great deal of our time to developing a mobile UI and UX.
But don’t get bogged down by the technical jargon. What our developers aim to do is to create a website that is more than just a means for clients to glean a little information about your business – we create an experience for them.

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. These two aspects cannot be discrete from one another if you want to create a mobile site that enhances the experience of the user and facilitates them into becoming a quality lead that results in solid revenue for the business.

Our developers are experts at creating mobile sites that are fully-responsive to all mobile devices, from smart phones, to phablets, to tablets. We don’t want you to miss out on a quality lead for a reason as silly as not having a site that is easy to navigate on a smart phone.

It is important to keep all relevant aspects of the desktop site on the mobile version, without sacrificing load times and speed. It takes an expert web development team like ours at PITCH to be up to this task and to deliver results each time.