Thought leaders are the opinion leaders and go-to specialists in their particular field or industry. We collaborate with you to mould your image, shaping you into a trusted industry source; a person who inspires innovative ideas and turns these ideas into reality. This is the core of all PR - presenting you and your business to the media as the most reliable source of industry information.

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DefinitionWhat we do
FOCUSDefining your business niche and creating a fundamental message.Clearly define this through research, a mission statement, and clearly defined point of view structure.
INNOVATIONFind a unique and innovative way to express this message.Review competitors' points of view on this topic and find your niche. Write and edit articles, case studies, speeches and press releases Prepare and supervise production of press kits, handouts and newsletters.
RELEVANCE IN COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA COVERAGEMeeting a specific market requirement and communicating with your target market effectively. Providing the media with content that is relevant and informative. Presenting your unique qualities, knowledge, accomplishments and business beliefs. Source and manage speaking and interview opportunities. Prepare informative presentations for employees, investors and clients. Create an immediate information outlet: a blog or newsletter. Incorporate this information into every element of business from your website to media material and through to social networking activity. Tie all activities together.
PRACTICALITY AND CONSISTENCY Demonstrating that you have an industry solution that can be implemented or a service/product that is of the highest quality. Establishing your leadership and intellectual real estate. Keeping up-to-date with all industry developments. Establish and maintain relevant media connections. Pitch to the media. Liaise with key personnel, ensuring we are up-to-date with all business developments. Closely monitor industry trends.
CLARITYDefine your concept, belief and business principles clearly, ensuring easy to understand and easy to read content. Identify and eliminate jargon, unclear concepts and other confusing material that can be misinterpreted by the target market.

The PitchSM team has built, and continues to develop, trusted relationships with magazine editors, bloggers, radio producers, television visionaries and high profile personalities.

Having formed mutually beneficial relationships with these media leaders, we ensure your business is presented to your target market effectively. Through thought leadership articles and informational interviews we develop your image as a business visionary.

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