Custom Digital Marketing Performance Reports

P.tch experts create monthly digital marketing performance reports that display how your current campaigns and digital marketing efforts are performing. They're customised to show you only the stats you care about.

What Are Custom Digital Reports?

Custom digital reports are reports that give you insights into your marketing performance that are set up to suit your unique situation. Instead of using templates, your report is designed specifically to give you the most relevant key metrics. Through integrative quantitative data with qualitative analysis, you can also get insights into which adjustments to make to increase your return on investment.

No matter what your requirements are, P.tch Digital can deliver custom reporting that showcases the true impact and value your online presence is creating. You'll see marketing metrics such as your marketing expenses, engagement rate, bounce rate, and the specific metrics you care about.

Why Are Custom Reports Good for Your Business?

In today's day and age, it is essential that your organisation tracks relevant metrics that prove you are getting a good return on investment. Is your paid social media content having the effect you want and bringing in returns? Do your Google Ads draw the amount of attention and clicks you want?

A custom report can lay out clearly how your media efforts are performing across the funnel. But in order to create reports that truly deliver valuable insights into your performance, you would need time, the right staff, and financial input. Allow us to do the work for you and enjoy stunning custom reports without having to work through endless spreadsheets.

You won't need to do any manual data analysis. You won't need to pay for extra tools or consolidate data and metrics. We'll streamline your reporting from social media marketing to Search Engine Optimisation and more, so you can focus on what really matters. Our digital marketing agency offers the option for monthly marketing reports or weekly marketing reports.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Reporting?

Custom marketing reports save you time and effort by delivering the data you care about upfront along with insights into how to apply changes based on the data. Templatised reports can be confusing and often focus on data points that are not necessarily relevant for your unique business goals.

  • View only the marketing channels and metrics you're interested in.
  • Gain valuable insights into your performance that can help guide your future marketing strategy.
  • Custom dashboards make your monthly reports easy to understand and interpret.
  • Save time and money by outsourcing data collection, collation, and interpretation.
  • Digital reports include interactive elements that make them more interesting and exciting.
What Are the Benefits of Custom Reporting
What Are the Attributes of an Excellent Digital Report

What Are the Attributes of an Excellent Digital Report?

The report should make use of digital marketing dashboards that put forward custom metrics as an overview of your performance. The report should be easy to print or engage with online. Many custom reporting solutions include interactive elements.

Your report should have custom branding and provide accurate insights into all the areas you care about, from audience insights to Facebook Ads campaign performance. The report should include colour and graphs that do not distract from the ease of use of the document. 

What Does the P.tch Custom Report Solution Look Like?

We deliver a digital marketing performance report that includes key insights about website traffic for your relevant webpages. Our custom dashboard ensures the report is short and easy to navigate, no matter how many platforms you use.

Our reporting tool integrates easily with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. When we design your custom digital marketing report, you will be able to view all the most important website data with no effort on your part.

Our custom reporting setup integrates data from Instagram, Facebook, Google, and all your relevant platforms into one easy-to-interpret report. We include more than just the data by offering business-critical media insights based on the collected data. These digital marketing insights can help you adapt your future marketing plans to get better results.

What Does the P.tch Custom Report Solution Look Like

What is the End Goal of Custom Reports and Dashboards?

The collected data from Facebook Ads reporting, Google AdWords, and other campaigns should inform your entire digital strategy. You should be able to use the knowledge gained in your reports to enhance every area of your online marketing.

If your report includes insights for SEO, you should be able to see which pages and queries are bringing in the most traffic so that you can optimise your efforts for only the most relevant keywords.

If your custom report solution includes paid advertising performance, you can monitor your ad campaigns for the ads driving the most return on investment. Through comparison, you can identify elements that lead to more successful adverts and apply this learning to future campaigns.


At P.tch, we believe marketing is circular. It doesn't end with a great report. Instead, the report should feed back into your future marketing efforts. Effective reporting is, therefore, a vital element in the success of any online marketing efforts. Talk to us today about the right custom reporting solutions for your needs.

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