The Google algorithm is a fickle fiend that changes regularly. We’re used to this, because most of the time, the changes are small enough for most businesses to not even notice. But every now and then, Google will roll out a massive algorithm change that will punish sites that they feel have been using less than ethical tactics to gain credibility and rankings online.

Very often, businesses will entrust their online marketing to a digital agency and not know that black-hat SEO techniques are being used to rank high in search engine results. These businesses may be pleased with the results of their marketing team at first, but only until Google has caught onto their dubious tactics. These techniques never work in the long-term and with the next algorithm update, Google will ensure that they are punished almost beyond help.

We say almost, because when it comes to P.tch, we can bring your site back from the dead.

Not only are we are skilled in helping clients get their websites back on track, but we specialise in getting them to organically rank at the top of search engine results, in an ethical manner that provides results which will stand up to Google’s algorithm updates.

We see the success of our clients as our own success, so we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to create an enduring marketing strategy for all clients, no matter the size or the industry.

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