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Facebook Advertising

A wide range of Facebook advertising options through P.tch Digital for B2B marketing, including Facebook Paid Ads, Facebook Content Marketing & Facebook Community Management

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a popular and free social media marketing platform that lets users create profiles and share valuable content such as videos and photos with their friends and family across the world. It is becoming the main medium in which users keep in touch. It has its own key networking components, such as a user’s Facebook wall, interactive photo albums, Facebook messenger, and presence technology which allows you to see which contacts are online via chat. It is the most popular social network in the world.

The Benefits of Facebook for Business

Increased exposure

Facebook has billions of users worldwide, which gives businesses the ability to find new customers through targeting and custom advertising.

Increased leads

Getting people to like your page and building your community is easy. Facebook allows you to make a connection with your fans and followers and gather their personal information so that you can communicate with your community outside of the social network.


Opening up a Facebook business page is free and the management costs associated with running a business page effectively are significantly cheaper than traditional media and advertising.


Facebook ads allow businesses to reach their target markets through highly specific ad targeting.

Brand loyalty

Facebook business pages are a great way of building brand loyalty through communicating effectively with your audience and responding to any queries or questions that they may have.

Increase website traffic

Linking content back to your website from your Facebook page is a great way to drive traffic to the website, either from your current community clicking through to the site, or from current fans sharing content on their personal pages and having their like-minded friends clicking through.

Being mobile

More and more users are using their phones on the go to access Facebook and get information, and so the great thing about it is that you don't need to do work to make your page device-friendly; Facebook already does it all for you.

Check on your competitors

Facebook business pages let you spy on up to five competitors and see how they are performing by monitoring their pages.