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What is Facebook Marketing?

Creating loyal fans and growing your business on Facebook is not a new concept. Neither is it a new idea that all businesses need a presence on Facebook. Since Facebook appeared in the world of marketing, a lot has changed.

As experts on one of the world's largest social media marketing platforms, we can do much to help your brand flourish through Facebook marketing. There are some things we never dreamed of achieving with social media marketing a decade ago that are now commonplace.

Some Facebook insights include selling products via chatbots and hosting three dimensional videos, running a successful Facebook Group and creating virality through user-generated content. Facebook marketing has come a long way in reaching custom audiences.

As a top-end news source, over half the world's adult population uses Facebook pages. To reach your target audience and increase your conversions, effective marketing on this social media platform is essential.

What Are the Benefits of Facebook for Business?

1. Increased exposure

Facebook has billions of users worldwide. This gives businesses the ability to find new customers. We can help you reach your target audience through custom advertising campaigns.

2. More Qualified Leads

Getting people to like your page and building Facebook groups is easy. Facebook makes it easy for you to connect with your admirers. Facebook advertising helps you gather their personal information so that you can communicate with your community outside of the social network.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Opening up a Facebook business page is free. The management costs associated with running a business page effectively are cheaper than using traditional advertising campaigns.

4. Target Customers

Facebook ads allow businesses to reach target customers. They achieve this through a specific advertising tool called Ads Manager.

5. Brand Loyalty

Facebook business pages are great for building brand loyalty. We do this through communicating effectively with a ready customer base. This is a great way to respond to all queries that might arise.

6. Increased Website Traffic

Linking content back to your website from your Facebook page is brilliant. We use this for driving traffic to your website. Traffic is driven from your current community by clicking through to the site.
Or traffic is driven by current fans sharing content on their personal pages. Friends with the same mindset will click through to your site.

7. Mobile Device Reach

More and more users are using their phones to access Facebook. Getting information on-the-go is a modern trend. There is no need to make your Facebook pages device friendly. Facebook does it automatically.

8. Check on Competitors

An effective strategy of Facebook marketing is spying on the competition. Facebook business pages enable you to spy on up to five competitors. This is a great way to find out how they are performing. 

Is Facebook Marketing Worth it? Is Facebook Marketing Effective?

With Facebook, you have a ready audience network. Lookalike audiences are already scrutinising businesses like yours. Using a smart advertising strategy is the way to connect them to your brand.

  • Facebook is key for brands thriving on social media. Making Facebook one of your main marketing goals is a great idea, regardless of whether you are on a limited budget.
  • With over 2.8 billion active users each month, there is plenty of potential business waiting for you to tap into. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the leading social platforms for connecting with new potential customers.
  • If your business aim is tapping into potential customers, you need more than luck. You need an effective digital marketing strategy that includes Facebook Marketing. Our team of experts has the background knowledge to offer you a complete guide for a focused Facebook marketing campaign that delivers the results you need.
  • Once you have included Facebook as part of your marketing strategy for your business, you will realise you have made the right choice. You are joining the 70 million plus businesses across the globe who have already made this part of their advertising campaign.

Step-by-Step Facebook Marketing

What is inbound Facebook marketing? Inbound strategies refer to understanding customers' goals. It's all about being relatable to your client base. Being ever-present on this social media platform is all-important.

Facebook marketing requires a long-term, consistent commitment. It will all be worth the effort and investment if you take a holistic approach to social media advertising.

This means using various types of content and building a content strategy based on sound research. Organic content alone cannot deliver optimal results on Facebook anymore and boosting social media posts can only take you so far. Allow our experts to help you make the most of this marketing tool today.

What We Offer at P.tch

We can produce all relevant content formats and post types, including link posts, video posts, profile images, video content, Facebook Stories, Facebook Live, GIFs, blog post, and much more. The P.tch Digital Marketing Agency is familiar with effective bidding strategy and audience targeting that can deliver the best results for your Facebook ad and your campaigns.

We believe a strong content marketing strategy and visual content underpin a successful Facebook presence. Allow us to create content calendars and apply the right marketing tactic for the results you want to achieve. Talk to us today about taking your Facebook Marketing to the next level!

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