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LinkedIn Advertising

A wide range of LinkedIn advertising options for B2B marketing, including Paid Ads, Content Marketing & Community Management

It encourages users to stay in touch with colleagues, classmates and business people met at industry events etc. LinkedIn’s main use is to discover business or employment opportunities through your network of like-minded business people.

It is predominantly a networking site that is used for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and opportunities, and is a great way to promote your professional identity online in the form of present and past experience. Think of it as an interactive CV that you are continuously working on.

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Why does your company need a LinkedIn Page?

  1. Company overview: LinkedIn allows companies to share basic information about employees, such as where they are located, who they have recently hired, as well as showing who is currently working at the company.
  2. Careers: It is an effective way of advertising jobs and displaying positions that are available within an organisation.
  3. Display Products and Services: It allows you to describe the products and services you have on offer and get recommendations from users.
  4. Content Marketing: It is becoming a place where people share industry information and new ideas, and so company pages are, therefore, becoming an intelligence-gathering tool.
  5. Analytics: LinkedIn allows you to see how each post is performing, and gather information over time about what type of content the people within your networks interact with the most, which will help you to tweak the type of content you post on your business pages.
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We run multiple business pages for businesses on LinkedIn. We research various industries to find and share content that will assist in making your company the thought leader in your industry. In addition, we also assist with targeting and setting up LinkedIn advertising to reach new customers. Chat to us today about how we can assist you.
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