Just Play is a website that offers ordinary people the chance to be rich. They have a large variety of competitions that anyone can enter – you need only register. Members also have the option to get unlimited entries for many of their prizes. The website offers a fun, enjoyable platform to enter competitions, and no matter what interests you, their wide variety of categories are guaranteed to have prizes that will appeal to everyone. These categories include electronics; cars; cash and vouchers; getaways; fashionistas; and the popular refer-a-friend class of prizes.

The electronics prizes range from a new Samsung Galaxy S5, to an Xbox One, to Kindles and iPads. In the car category, you can win all sorts of vehicle-related items, from a hot ride to petrol for a year. There are vouchers for popular grocery chains like Checkers, where you can win R1000 to spend at any store, and of course, you can win just plain, cold, hard cash. With their getaways, you can win the trip of a lifetime, whether you fancy a cruise or a bush getaway. You can be a fashionista, dressing just like your favourite celebs, with prizes including fabulous accessories like sunglasses and handbags. With Just Play, sharing is caring. Referring a friend couldn’t be easier, and it’s a double bonus. Simply by entering some of their competitions, you can refer, and when you do so, you can get extra entries for those prizes you really want to win.


Pitch attended to many aspects of Just Play’s requirements. Among these were consulting with them, addressing their design needs, as well as contributing to their search engine optimisation to rank them higher in search results. Pitch also designed and created their email and newsletter, and their website banners. We have taken Just Play to new heights online, allowing them to reach more people than ever before.

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