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Online Marketing


Search Engine

Just Perfect’s SEO works to get your website to rank well in search results for industry-targeted keywords on Google (or any other search engine). The benefit of using Just Perfect is that our search engine optimisation plans are constantly monitored to ensure that we keep your business’s search engine optimisation, optimised. We are always ideally positioned to help improve and target your SEO strategy to ensure your visits and ROI continue to grow.

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Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising (PPC), when implemented by industry experts, is a great way of directing traffic to your site by targeting certain keywords related to your business.
Each time an internet user searches for these keywords your website will appear at the top of the search results as a paid or sponsored search result.
This service offers great return on investment (ROI) because you only pay once someone clicks on the advert, hence the name, pay per click.

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Social Media

We know what to say and we know how to say it. We have the tools to measure your Social Media conversation every step of the way. We know when someone is mentioning your brand on any digital platform and most of all, we know how to engage.

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