26th October 2014
26th October 2014
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bear.CLAW™ is not just an energy drink; it’s so much more than that. It’s a way of life that the daring and audacious relate to. bear.CLAW™ Original is the drink of choice for go-getters and self-starters. These are the people who don’t just want to survive the race – they go for the win. On the other hand, bear.CLAW™ BeneFIT has been created for people who want to do more and be more. Those who drink it feel energised to dash through their days without having to worry about gaining weight. The BeneFIT is sugar free and contains organic guarana, making it the ideal energy drink.

bear.CLAW™ became partners with EFC Worldwide and together, the two are an unbeatable team.

How Pitch helped unleash bear.CLAW™

bear.CLAW™ has been one of Pitch’s most exciting and challenging clients, and we love it that way! Our web design team worked tirelessly to create a site that was not only clever, creative and distinctive, but one that perfectly matched the energetic and fearless brand that is bear.CLAW™. Furthermore, through our innovative social media services, we helped them to launch their brand and immediately make it a beloved and recognised brand in South Africa.