Biltong Traders

Biltong Traders have been satisfying customers with their quality bulk biltong since 1998. Their unique South African recipes provide a quality product that leaves biltong lover’s 100% satisfied. Biltong Traders also offers high quality cashew, almond and pistachio nuts, as well as dried mango and biltong accessories.


To design an attractive, user-friendly website that appealed to the taste buds of the thousands that love traditional South African biltong and snacks.

To use all online marketing services at our disposal to maintain a loyal client base by engaging with customers via social media advertising, while providing effective content on a website blog that would strengthen the nation’s love of biltong and patriotism as a whole.


Just Perfect designed an alluring, convenient website using the BigCommerce platform that made it simple and appealing for biltong lovers to order these delectable delicacies online.

Pay per click advertising campaigns (Google Adwords) and search engine optimisation (SEO) are implemented to boost Google rankings in the popular South African biltong market, while our digital marketing agency also takes care of all monthly marketing and community engagement for Biltong Traders on the social media advertising front.

The Biltong Traders blog is updated with weekly articles that appeal to sports fans, historians, and of course, those looking for the latest biltong recipes.


Just Perfect created a superb website with a uniquely South African flavour that captured the quality of our country’s favourite traditional snacks, making the ordering of bulk biltong as simple as clicking a button.

Since the campaign activation in April 2015, the pay per click advertising campaign implemented by our digital marketing agency brought in 4504 first-time users to the site in the first four months, while the Biltong Traders following on Facebook has passed the 5 000 mark and is still growing.

Prior to and during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Just Perfect implemented an incredibly successful SuperBru campaign for Biltong Traders. The results were staggering, with Biltong Traders increasing their website registrations by more than 400%.