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29th September 2015
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18th June 2015
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The Datsun brand dates back to the earliest days of Japanese car production. The brand, supported and loved worldwide, has returned after almost two decades of absence in the form of the Datsun GO. Starting from just R91 300, the Datsun GO offers people in developing countries like South Africa the opportunity to drive a reliable vehicle at an affordable price.

Pitch needed to create excitement around the return of the much loved Datsun brand to South African consumers, highlighting the vehicle’s affordability and quality features to the public by creating awareness campaigns on a variety of digital platforms, including social media advertising, pay per click advertising, and more.

Then online audience would then be directed from those platforms to the client’s website.

Our digital agency set up an audit and analysis to work out the best way to create a buzz and awareness about the reappearance of the Datsun using every tool at our disposal: social media
advertising, pay per click advertising and other online marketing services.

Setting up the targeted market campaigns involved the creation of a Google Analytics account to find out which client base was most interested in the product, accessing the strengths of
competitors and using this information to improve on and create effective strategies.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) are implemented to increase site ranking; this information is constantly monitored and refined to ensure that we always get the best results for our client.

We then launched social media advertising and created a Facebook and Google Plus page for the Datsun Melrose branch with content that combined the previous positive sentiment of the Datsun
brand with the modern advancements and features of the Datsun GO.

Our design team then maximises potential sales with a modernised landing page as well as display banners used in remarketing to capture the attention of undecided customers.

After going live with our PPC campaign for the Datsun GO on the 15th April 2015, search engine rankings have soared, while the new landing page designed by Just Perfect digital marketing agency, launched on the 9th of July 2015, has seen a remarkable increase in conversion rates.

The new designs, coupled with well-coordinated PPC advertising, saw Datsun gain a top ranking on organic search results as well as an 800% increase in lead generation for Datsun Go vehicle sales.

With regards to Facebook advertising, ‘likes’ are reaching the 1 000 mark within the first five months of the page being created.