Debtcom specialises in helping over-indebted South Africans get back their financial freedom. They take the financial care of each of their clients very seriously and do all they can to guide them back to being financially independent and free from bad debt. Their services include debt counselling, debt management, debt consolidation, and debt settlement.


We were tasked with helping Debtcom reach more indebted South Africans, which was to be done in a number of ways, beginning with a brand new website. Once our design team had finished the site, the marketing experts were to make sure that financially troubled consumers could find Debtcom on Google, which was to be made possible through SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and posting interesting and newsworthy blog articles.


Gaining Google rankings begins with a good website, so that’s where we started. Our designers got to work creating an inviting site. Our content team helped Debtcom to craft copy that would not only provide visitors with professional information on the services available, but help to answer common questions and ease their concerns. Once this was complete, the SEO and PPC departments took the reins and began working on getting Debtcom the rankings they needed, with the help of social media awareness.


The website could not have turned out better! It’s professional without being overwhelming to consumers that need financial help. It lets visitors know from the get-go that their monetary wellbeing is as important to Debtcom’s councillors as it is to them. With this website, the marketing team had an excellent starting point for optimising important keywords. It also gave the content team a leg-up and enabled them to provide newsworthy blog articles and to grow the social media following on Google+ and Facebook, thereby also improving social engagement and reach.