Printers and copiers are the backbones of every office. They’re the underappreciated machines that just no business can live without. DocX doesn’t just specialise in selling, renting and maintaining these machines; they specialise in giving businesses the means to make their operations run as smoothly as possible. They supply only Xerox equipment, one of the biggest names in printing for several decades, and DocX upholds the impeccable reputation of Xerox in every aspect of their service.


DocX needed a website that was responsive and user-friendly. With their numerous products for sale, the site needed to be big enough to display all the machines, but also clever enough for visitors to filter their needs and find the exact printer or copier they needed within seconds. Following this, DocX needed a long term marketing strategy so that they could corner their fair share of the market.


We designed a website that was interactive, while showing off all the impressive Xerox machines. Doing justice to such a world-renowned name is no easy task, but our design team was up to the challenge. Our marketing team then took the reins and created a marketing strategy that encompassed social media, blog articles, pay per click, and SEO.


Their new website worked so well with all these marketing elements that DocX was ranking second organically for a highly competitive keyword within a year.