26th October 2014
bear.Claw Energy Drink
26th October 2014
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Energy Shisha South Africa has brought the popular overseas product to our country. Energy Shisha is not like an e-cigarette as it contains no tar, nicotine or any other harmful chemicals that normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes contain. Rather, they are e-shishas that contain caffeine and taurine, which provide those who use them with a much-needed boost of energy. They are like a combination of an energy drink and an e-cigarette, but better. They produce a vapour that is odourless and unlike an energy drink, they are sugar-free and so are excellent for diets. Furthermore, they contain less caffeine than comparable products on the market, yet give as much energy. Moreover, unlike a regular energy drink, Energy Shisha does not cause bloating, crashing, nor does it contain carcinogens.

It is easy to use the product – simply place the purple-tipped end of the Energy Shisha in your mouth and inhale the delicious vapour.

It is the ideal way to control exactly how much energy you get, and one Energy Shisha will provide around 300 hours of energy.


The design team at Pitch Digital Agency worked hard to develop an ecommerce site for Energy Shisha that enabled the business to supply their unique and excellent products to the South African market. Clients are able to navigate through the site easily in order to find exactly what they want, and there is just a small stride from browsing to purchasing the products.

We also tweaked some of the content on the website which has helped them to give their products the superb marketing that they deserve.