29th September 2015
29th September 2015
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Jagermeister| PR Services | Just Perfect

One of the most popular shooters around, Jägermeister, literally meaning “Hunting Master”, is a dark brown German digestif made with 56 herbs and spices. It is not just a collision of 56 random ingredients; the herbs, spices and fruits used are filtered and fused in oak barrels for around a year to produce the ultimate shot.


Pitch were tasked by Jägermeister with creating a trendy campaign to get local musos and artists engaged in conversion about the “Back the Artist” competition.The campaign needed to motivate artistic empowerment among the youth of South Africa by inspiring young artists to enter the competition and get music fans emotionally connected, creating a positive buzz about up-and-coming musicians, the Back the Artist event, and of course Jägermeister.


Students from universities across the country, inspired by the passion, empowerment and individuality expressed, were enticed into getting involved with #BacktheArtist2015 by sharing their opinions on social media and voting for their favourite competitors.

Combining traditional PR services with digital content marketing, Pitch transformed static news into trending online conversation.

With the collaboration of renowned experts from the local music industry, the Jägermeister Back the Artist campaign was broadcast by celebrity musicians, well-known media personalities, and on popular music blogs on the web – all of which were supplied with creative press kits by our digital agency.


Thanks to the incredible PR done, Jägermeister Back the Artist was published on the popular international site as the hype and engagement spread across the web and various other forms of media.

At the halfway point in the campaign, Jägermeister had reached its projected target of 100 entries, well on route to achieving their ultimate goal of 200 entries by the end of September.