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29th September 2015
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29th September 2015
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LottoStar is an online lottery-gaming site that gives players exclusive access to some of the world’s richest lotteries and sweepstakes, and is the very first site of its kind to be launched specifically for South African gaming enthusiasts. Known for their outrageously large prizes and cash payouts, LottoStar predicted the appeal that these games would hold for the South African audience and decided to capitalise by making international lotto entries quick, easy, secure, fun and 100% legal and regulated.

The Goal
Our goal with LottoStar was simple: traffic, and LOTS of it! We wanted to help LottoStar approach the South African marketplace and introduce them to a gaming format that was previously very
unfamiliar, and build trust and excitement within the local gaming community.

The Project
We decided that the most immediate and impactful method of getting LottoStar’s traffic up was by way of a homepage takeover. Having used this technique to fantastic effect in the past, we knew that a traffic increase of up to 500% is possible in just a few short days.

A homepage takeover involves the use of an entire home page’s advertising space, including the background or “skin” of the page, as well as all banner slots, rather than buying just a single banner. We selected IOL, one of South Africa’s most popular sites, for this project, aiming to reach as many South Africans in the shortest possible space of time.

The Success
This campaign was a roaring success for LottoStar. Within a few days, their site visits had increased exponentially, and although not every visit led to a player registration or conversion, the exposure gained was invaluable for the success of their future operations. Naturally, the number of players signing up dramatically increased as well, and LottoStar continues to enjoy immense popularity in the South African market to this day.