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20th February 2015
26th October 2014
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E-commerce Website Design Services | Just Perfect

This brilliant company had its humble beginnings in Durban in 2002 and has transformed itself into an enterprise that sells top-quality products which are stocked in more than 250 stores throughout South Africa. With their signature, buoyant style, there has been a demand for their products overseas too, and you can find Lou Harvey in stores in the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, and more.

Their bags, accessories and kids’ carriers are a combination of a funky and vibey functionality, all with distinctive patterns and designs. They combine flamboyancy with impeccable style, giving them an edge in the market.


Lou Harvey was looking for an e-commerce website as exuberant as their style and as functional as their bags and accessories.


Our design team jumped right into this project. With gusto and determination, we set out to create an e-commerce site with flair. With products as special as Lou Harvey’s, the site needed to entice fashionistas to buy online, then and there. Further, because international audiences are looking for the brand, we needed to search engine optimise it to a highly professional level. We laid the marketing foundation that enabled them to continue making the world more colourful and stylish with their epic bags and accessories.


Our web design team did a fantastic job. With this client, we created a site that was not only colourful and fun, but one that appealed to an international audience. Lou Harvey’s bags and accessories have remained hot property around the globe, and much of the credit goes to their easy-to-use, awesome e-commerce website and the SEO foundation we laid.