26th October 2014
26th October 2014
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M&S Plastics supplies and manufactures high-end plastic equipment to various sectors in both industry and in the community. Being environmentally conscious, their products are made from recycled plastic materials.

Their durable product range includes plastic containers from 5 litres to 220 litres, Plasti-Flor™ industrial and residential flooring, and collapsible containers. In addition to this, they produce the Shaver Saver, a popular chicken nesting product that prevents shavings from falling out, leaving a safe comfortable area for chickens to produce healthy eggs.


Pitch was presented with the opportunity to create a new website that would appeal to current and potential clients.

With the diversity of M&S Plastics’ products, the site had to be easy to navigate while still exhibiting the excellent quality of their merchandise.

On completion of the website, a comprehensive marketing strategy would be implemented in order to expose the brand to the digital consumer market.


Our team of website designers constructed a tidy, efficient, and user-friendly website that clearly reflected the quality of product. Once this was completed, the Pitch marketing team got stuck into their role of driving traffic to the site.

Their effective marketing campaign includes pay per click advertising (PPC) as well as social media and content for their website blog which provides the latest news and information about the plastic industry.


The new website’s productivity speaks for itself, as reputation of the brand has grown immensely. Their success is demonstrated by the fact that M&S Plastics has now reached around 5 000 fans on Facebook within the first year of their new website launching.