Olaplex brings ground-breaking restorative hair products to South Africa that repair damaged hair on a molecular level.

With the patented ingredient (Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate), Olaplex restores compromised hair structure on a molecular level. This 3-step salon product has revolutionised hair care in South Africa by bringing healthier, stronger hair to women across the country. 

This exciting and ground-breaking brand wanted to introduce their 3-step in-salon product to a South African audience with a strong online presence and ecommerce as well as in-salon sales.


  • Establish Olaplex as the leading product used by salon professionals to reduce breakage and make colour last longer.
  • Create consumer awareness about the product resulting in consumer demand by requesting the service from their salon.
  • Grow the social media audience.
  • Grow the website authority
  • Make online conversions at the Hairhouse Warehouse ecommerce store.


The market audience would include women aged 20 - 44 who regularly get their hair coloured or permed and who follow hair trends. The audience would also include hairstylists and hair professionals in South Africa.

Our Services Included

- Strategy & Conceptualisation
- Audience Persona
- Digital Launch Campaigns
- Development & Launch of Website
- Launch & Grow Facebook & Instagram Pages
- Community Management (all social channels)
- Content Creation (blogs & more)
- Creative Assets (Video and Image)
- Social PPC
- YouTube
- PR Content & Collaboration

Our Work

Work began in May 2015, with the aim of officially launching in September 2015. We created a local website and started their Facebook and Instagram channels. Along with the digital launch, we Google Display Network adverts and Google Ads.

We provided all website content and updated their blog monthly with fun and relevant content. Our social teams ran paid Facebook adverts and posted consistent, fun, and varied organic social media content. Within a short time, we grew their audience to over 100,000!

The brand is popular and a first of its kind, so introducing it in a fun way to South Africans was truly a pleasure. Since the product could only be sold to salon owners and hairstylists, we tracked sales and audience growth as separate conversion markers. We were able to deliver consistent sales conversions through supplier Hair Health and Beauty and Hairhouse Warehouse's ecommerce store.

The launch and consequent dominance in the market was considered a massive success. Today, Olaplex is still loved and respected as the top brand in its category in South Africa.


Get bolder, brighter colours from your next salon service without the risk of damaging your hair. This was the basis of our creative, with a strong focus on the fact that OLAPLEX repairs, protects, and allows you to discover a whole new world of colour and style possibilities.

Channel Previews

PR Piece


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