29th September 2015
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18th June 2015
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Oneplan Heath™ offers the public a highly competitive array of health care plans from just R265/pm, putting health care in the hands of more South Africans.

A variety of health insurance options include coverage for GP visits, dentistry, specialists, dreaded disease, accident cover, and much more.

Pitch had to get Oneplan Heath™ to be a stand-out performer in the highly competitive health care market.

We needed to reach out to those looking for added cover on health insurance as well as to those who are looking for a more affordable protection plan for themselves and their family.

The first step in creating awareness around Oneplan Heath™ coverage was to set up an effective pay per click (PPC) campaign to get an immediate boost in search engine visibility.

To secure a high search engine ranking in the long term, Pitch implements a thoroughly investigated search engine optimising (SEO) strategy, using keywords in website content and informative blog articles expertly written by our digital agency’s content team.

We’ve popularised the Oneplan Heath™ brand on social media with regular insightful posts that encourage interaction, such as the popular ‘Dr’s Room’ Q&A on Facebook involving respected specialists in their medical fields.

The online public is further drawn to the Oneplan Heath™ website through impressive re-advertising tactics and eye-catching display banners. Pitch also designs compelling landing pages for Oneplan Heath™ on a monthly basis with AB testing to ensure we always hit the mark when it comes to inspiring the client’s target market.

Since Pitch took over the Oneplan Heath™ PPC campaign, the website fluctuates between first and second position in ranking. On the SEO side, Oneplan Heath™ now consistently has top rankings for the greatly competitive key words “affordable health insurance”, “health insurance”, and “health plan.”

Their social media popularity has exploded, with page ‘likes’ more than doubling within a four-month period to a total of around 17 000 people.