16th October 2015
29th September 2015
Show all is an e-commerce website that offers an incredible range of 14 million products in just about every category you can think of, all imported from the United States and delivered to your doorstep.

Pitch was given the task of ensuring that Wantitall’s digital platforms were performing at optimal levels. Once areas for improvement were identified, a marketing strategy would be put in place to make sure this goal was accomplished.

Our digital agency used a variety of digital tools and an expert eye to establish exactly what areas could be worked on to improve on Wantitall’s digital presence.

We needed to suggest ways to raise performance on social media in terms of page likes and engagement. In order to do this, we advised an increase in social media spend as well as working on making content more unique and appealing to their audience. This involved making posts less repetitive, the use of hashtags for campaign tracking and driving sales through calls to action.

Our digital agency made sure that the client’s product was reaching the desired target audience by advising and enabling them to identify errors which would improve their social media and general marketing strategy.