The skills of our design team are seemingly endless. While our core focus is on digital design, we are able to extend our expertise to print as well.

Between the members of our team, we have a wealth of experience in design for all print media.

Catch eyes with a big flashy billboard, or inform readers with a glossy magazine spread – with PITCH, our clients find one place where all of their marketing needs are taken care of.

What is Print Media?

Print media encompasses most media that is not digital, including newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

Key Considerations of Print Media

We take into consideration all of the important parts of print media:
  • – A design that captures the brand personality
  • – Eye-catching yet simple
  • – Readability
  • – Story-telling
  • – Engaging content

Why Print Media?

In online marketing, much emphasis is placed on search engine optimisation to create a known brand, but print media is still an excellent resource for all businesses looking to expand their presence.

Print media allows brands to present themselves as experts in their fields – there is a credibility to print that is innate to that media.

Print media also allows businesses to vary the size of their target audience. With billboards, for example, a company can target a whole host of potential consumers and because of the high volume of traffic that will see the billboard, people who would be otherwise unreached can become clients.

Conversely, magazine marketing allows you to focus on your specific demographic, creating an opportunity to reach the clients who will bring you revenue.

Whether it’s an informative press release or a persuasive advert, our team at PITCH can create the perfect print media design for you.