Smokoo is a well-known and fast growing penny auction site that offers registered bidders the chance to bid on fantastic products and prizes, with a chance of winning big! The platform provides players with hours of fun and entertainment while they test their skills and their luck in the hope of winning some of the biggest and most outrageous prizes imaginable (don’t believe us? Smokoo once gave away a trip to space).

Smokoo was launched in South Africa in 2010 and within a matter of months had become the most popular auction site in Africa. Following this success, it quickly expanded its reach, becoming multilingual and international with subscribers as far afield as the USA, Russia, and much of Europe. Following an acquisition by Bidfair, the Smokoo domain became inactive.


Upon its revival in 2013, Pitch was enlisted to get the platform up and running again, as well as to take over their marketing efforts and get it back to its former glory – and beyond! We wanted to reintroduce Smokoo to the public and get people excited about a form of gaming entertainment many had never heard of.


Smokoo was given the full Pitch marketing makeover, utilising SEO, SMM and other forms of digital advertising to help spread the word and build up a rapport with the public, and very soon the results started to speak for themselves!


Site visits went from virtually zero to over 300, 000 a month, and we managed to increase revenue to a staggering R5.5 Million per month. Today, Smokoo is more popular than ever and still growing, and firmly holds its place as South Africa’s favourite penny auction site.