Pandora brings beautifully designed high-quality Danish jewellery to Southern Africa.

Pandora's charming and well-known range of customisable bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces dazzle South Africans. They manufacture modern jewellery made from genuine metals and sell hand-finished items at affordable prices.

Pandora is a globally successful brand who wanted to increase their returns on investment for social media goals, such as reaching a wider audience and making more ecommerce sales. Pandora has multiple pages for their Southern African regions on various social media channels.

Our teams brought consistent increases in the ability to reach goals with social media campaigns and managed their communities. Our services included ad hoc extras such as product descriptions and more. We delivered reports and strategic insights consistently, guiding the brand towards more successful social media endeavours.


  • eCommerce sales for Southern African audiences from social media marketing.
  • Audience growth on the Southern African social media pages.
  • Increased engagement with current and new audience, including incentivised content such as competitions.


With established but small audiences, our team was called in for growth, managing to achieve above the expected results during the period of our work. Below is just an example of the growth attained in one term. We worked on the South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Namibia social media channels.

Our Work

We worked on Pandora from 2015 - 2017. Along with managing their social channels and advertising campaigns, we also managed their SEO and provided creative assets from time to time. From advertising a limited edition charm to seasonal events and specials, our team took Pandora's social presence up a notch.

Our teams received graphic elements from head office or produced them in-house, after which we scheduled posts and created advertising campaigns. We then managed all their social media channels, engaging with their audience and managing their communities through a social media management portal.

Examples of Other Successful Results

Our Services Included

- Strategy & Conceptualisation
- Digital Campaigns
- Website Development
- Grow Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Pages
- Community Management (All Southern African Channels)
- Content Creation (product descriptions & graphic elements)
- Social PPC (Facebook & Twitter Adverts)
- Website updates
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Graphic Design

Social Advert Previews

Social Post Examples

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