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Payments Gateway for Successful, Secure Transactions

Payment Gateways use servers and software to transmit information gleaned from transactions to acquiring banking institutions to deliver information regarding transactions – whether these are declined or approved. In other words – Payment Gateways enable communication within banks. The number one element for all Payment Gateways is security as clients’ information needs to be protected. Anyone with access to card information has to follow strict protocol put in place by Card Associations. Besides providing the capability for real-time trades, Payment Gateways have the capabilities of assisting in translating currencies between two entities in different countries, as well as bridging language and payment methods.

PITCH – WooCommerce

Ignite Greatness The WooCommerce Way

Did you know that with an excess of 50 237 889 downloads, WooCommerce is the driving force behind over 30% of all e-Commerce shops? Let us transform your basic website today with one of the most powerful and sought-after e-Commerce platforms on the web, where you will be in good company. WooCommerce is the most customisable e-Commerce platform available to build your online business. Let us ignite greatness by transforming your rudimentary website into one where you can now trade and shop. WordPress cannot do this all on its own, but WooCommercewill enable you to add products, a shopping cart and check-out. Furthermore, you will also be able to connect with numerous other WooCommerce store owners.


Create A Knock-Out Personal Brand With Shopify

Start selling today with Shopify and enjoy a fully customised store. Simply put, Shopify is a secure, user-friendly and affordable online shopping solution for businesses of all sizes – a brilliant opportunity to get up and selling almost right away. This e-Commerce platform has been created especially for you whether you would like to sell on social media, online, or out of the boot of your car; Shopify has you covered on all fronts. We show you how you can now enjoy everything in one place – a unified platform to run your business professionally


Magento Is The Game Changer of e-Commerce

Let us take your business to the next level with Magento. Magento is the go-to platform for numerous business owners, entrepreneurs and retailers that need to take their businesses up a couple of notches. Regardless of whether you are starting an e-Commerce store from scratch or migrating one that is already up and running, Magento is the way moving forward. You don’t need to be a big chain store to have a successful brand. It is our mantra to please our clients by offering excellent products and support thereof – one of these being the implementation of Magento.