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Website Design

Our amazing team of designers are proficient in UX & UI design for wordpress sites.

Now let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty.

Long hours and working to the crack of dawn are all part of making an awesome website design that will blow your customers away. We first get a feel for your business, do a bit of market analysis and in-depth search engine research all before we even start looking at the drawing board. As soon as we’ve got an idea of where we plan to go, we liaise with you to find out what you want your website to do for you and how you want it to look. Now the responsibility shifts to our creative designers that take this vision and design the visual aspects of your masterpiece while our witty copywriters get to work on making your website content speak for you on both PCs and mobile phones. Now it all needs to be put together with the help of our tech-savvy web developers. As soon as all the base elements are in place, the website undergoes SEO so that it can easily be found on search engines and finally, improvements are made to layout and design. Now it’s time for user-friendliness testing and mobile optimisation so that your site gets, and keeps, more customers. Finally the site is proofread by our experienced copy editors and the perfect product is handed over to you for inspection.

Good website design is the basis of all other marketing

Just about every other type of marketing can and should be complemented by a good website. Some of the most effective marketing techniques, like social media marketing and pay per click, depend on a good website to back them up.

Striking website design reflects who you are and speaks on your behalf

Your online presence speaks for you when you’re not around. Make sure the digital snapshot the world gets of your business is a good one.

Effective website design is a long term investment

A website is something that will represent your company for a long time and it is cheap to maintain.

Professional website design makes your business look professional

The opposite is also true. If your website looks dodgy, people think your business is dodgy. Your business only gets one chance to make a first impression and there are no second chances.

User-friendly website design leads to more customers

No one likes to struggle and most people will simply go to another site if yours is too complicated and difficult to navigate. Keep it simple and straightforward.

Well-planned website design reaches a big audience

The world wide web is indeed worldwide and with a little help from other online forms of marketing you can reach the wide world with your website.

Mobile optimised website design can reach people on the move

The majority of South Africans access the internet from their smartphones and, if you’re smart, your business will have a website that also looks good on smartphones.

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