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What is Off-Page/Off-Site SEO and How Does it Influence Websites' Search Results?

SEO means onsite keywords, content, links, and tags. All of these elements will all benefit your website, but SEO is about more than just what's on your website. There are other things that should be done offsite, too!

Offsite reviews, listings, and information can help your website rank on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Offsite local SEO can include Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Reviews, reviews on sites like, listings in other directories, and more. Search engines now consider things like reviews and listings as a signal of a website's authoritative position in its industry.

Why Are Reviews so Important for My Google Rankings?

You are actively rewarded by search engines for having a great online reputation. The better the reviews on platforms like Facebook and Yelp, the better your search rankings will be. Sites that are rated the highest are viewed as being "trustworthy" by search engines.

The result is that these sites are given better organic search positions! Off-Page SEO doesn't cost much, but it can help you reach potential customers. Google Reviews will show up in your Info Graph section when internet users search for your brand or company.

Positive reviews there can lead to an increase in sales and conversions. If you have more than 6, you will be awarded stars that indicate an average review score. They cannot be deleted or removed from social media platforms or other channels, since they are honest opinions from consumers about products and brands.

Your Google Business Listing and Other OFF Site SEO Tools

You can execute off-site SEO in other ways, too.

  1. Start by claiming and cleaning up your Google Knowledge Graph.
  2. Next, ensure your business is on Google My Business and that the information there is correct and up to date. With this profile, you can ensure your business shows up on Maps.
  3. Create a free social media profile or page on Facebook and Yelp, at least. Your company can also consider Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and industry-specific channels such as HealthGrades or Angie's List.
  4. Finally, the more stars you have on other third-party review sites, the better. For this reason, companies can benefit from keeping an active and accurate review profile on every available site that applies to their industry.

Doing the above can improve your SEO, and in turn your traffic. But it also helps your audience find your physical location and information about your company more easily. It's time to reach your target audiences with SEO strategy that encompasses more than quality links and search terms.

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