Does Your Website Infrastructure Influence SEO?

Yes. How users experience your site can make a big impact on your search engine ranking. Google wants users to have an easy and convenient experience when searching for information. Answers should be easy to find, and your website should be easy to navigate.

How Mobile Indexing Changes Our Technical Approach

Most of South Africa's internet users use mobile devices to conduct their searches. That's why Google now uses the mobile version of your website for ranking and indexing. To appear towards the top of search engine results pages, your site needs to be mobile friendly.

Is your site mobile friendly and easy to crawl? Don't let search engine spiders lead to your website's demise. You can adapt your SEO strategy to repair deep architecture and broken links for a more responsive and mobile-friendly website today.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Site is Mobile Friendly

  1. Run Site Tests.

    Find out if you're blocking important resources that could negatively impact how Google views your website. Are your robots.txt files blocking important resources? Our SEO team at Pitch Digital will test your site by typing in the relevant URLs into your browser to fix the problem.

  2. Repair Mobility Issues.

    Let our web development team help you sort out mobility issues on your website. We find issues on Google Search Console. Common mobility issues include clickable elements that are too close together and obstructive pop-ups. Another is content being wider than the screen or non-responsive. As a fully mobile SEO agency, we can help you rectify these and other mobility issues.

  3. Fix SEO Issues.

    Ensure your site is easy for Google to crawl. As a professional SEO company, we make sure that nothing is hidden. This includes how content from your site appears on mobile devices. We ensure that alt tags are always added to your images and that your website is easy to navigate no matter what device visitors use.

  4. Improve Loading Speed on Mobile Devices.

    Speed is all-important in a world where mobile devices are the norm. Your site should load in 3 seconds or less. Users of mobile devices will soon lose interest in visiting your site if it loads too slowly.

  5. Keep an Eye on Statistics Related to Mobile Visitors.

    Our professional team is well-versed in analysing and compiling reports on statistics. We will have an in-depth look at your bounce rate, the average time visitors spent on your site, and pages per session. Data is then compared to desktop visitors.

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