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Everything we do starts with a C.SPER AUDIT (TM).

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High Volume, Quality Lead Generating SEO

For those looking for high-volume leads, we've created a great method that ensures your Google organic becomes a long-term sustainable leads channel. 

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E-commerce SEO Sales & Leads Offering

Large e-commerce clients whose website showcase thousands of products in highly competitive industries can enjoy the positive effects on traffic and sales of effective SEO marketing efforts. There are millions of websites trying to reach your customers. We can help you reach the top and gain more organic traffic with search engine marketing fine-tuned to your industry and needs.

Avg. % of traffic being sent to Mobile sites


Mobile 1st Google SEO Solutions

With the vast majority of traffic now coming from a mobile device and with Google's Mobile first SEO strategy, it's imperative that clients focus on mobile SEO. Our search engine optimisation strategies take this and other factors into account to help you reach page 1 on Google Search.

Number of countries we currently target with SEO


Multi-Country SEO Strategies

For those companies with a presence in more than one country, a multi-country SEO strategy is critical. Our SEO tools enable our teams to provide effective solutions and content to help your website rank in any market in the World!

Current SEO Industries Our Company Focuses On

  • English Speaking Countries & Africa.​
  • Large corporate E-commerce Sites.
  • High Competition Lead Generation Industries; Finance, Insurance, Banking, Education, Property, Cars, Legal & Industries.
  • We also offer a fantastic White Label (SEO outsource) offering for Large Agencies.


We’re dedicated to making your website rank on the first page of Google’s search results! Our search engine optimisation strategies make it easy for people to find your business online. The benefit of using Pitch over other SEO companies is that our strategies are continuously monitored to ensure that we keep your business optimised. We are ideally positioned to help target and improve your SEO strategy so that your website traffic, customer conversions, and ROI continue to grow.

 rank on the first page of Google’s search

P.tch SEO is DIGITAL Methodology

We use a holistic process that focuses on driving traffic, leads & ultimately sales.

P.tch SEO is DIGITAL Methodology


  • Long-Lasting Results. While pay-per-click may achieve instant ranking, it is a fact that if you stop paying, the clicks will stop coming. SEO provides gradual, natural search engine ranking growth that lasts and results in an increase in organic clicks.
  • Consistent Growth. SEO by Pitch leads to consistent, measurable, long-term growth. You may not rank at #1 overnight, but the long-term growth benefits of Search Engine Optimisation far outweigh the immediacy of PPC.
  • Increased Leads. Research suggests that organic results are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked on than paid search results, and that 60% of clicks go to the highest organically ranking website. With strong SEO practices in place, the number and quality of your leads will increase.
  • Affordable with a Great ROI. If done correctly, effective SEO need not dent your company’s cash-flow. Higher online visibility and increased leads mean that the expense of enlisting professional SEO services quickly pays for itself.
  • Brand Credibility. Google is the world’s most used and most trusted search engine. A favourable Google ranking lends your company authority and credibility, increasing the level of trust that visitors hold towards your business.

Introducing The Pitch 7-Step SEO Method - Your Secret to Better ROI

7-Step SEO helps improve your SEO rankings. By applying the search engine optimisation principles in this method, we can increase your return on investment.


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