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About P.tch - The Journey of our Digital Agency

In 2008, nestled in the blue hue of the Pretorian hills started a Mortgage Broking company, this company turned to Steven Green back then to find leads in a very competitive market. What came out of this lead generator was TrafficFundi, a Digital Agency focused on lead generation mainly using SEO.

Steven Green

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Green


TJ Moezelaar


These were early days of SEO and everyone in the world was finding their feet. The agency got smarter and better year on year and found new ways to drive traffic to websites. Including in their offerings now was Google Adwords and eventually Social Media becoming a fully fledged Marketing Agency with 30 clients and a highly committed team.

In 2010, In the hustle and bustle of Sandton a highly efficient agency was born called Just Perfect. The rise to fame for this little agency was one to be admired, attracting a whole range of companies to join their exciting business.

In 2016, TrafficFundi and Just Perfect merged into a new digital agency called Pitch

Guided by 6 main values:

  • Be Curios and Free Spirited
  • Leadership and commander-in-chiefness
  • Giving, make someone smile
  • Fast and fruitful, get things done
  • Great things with great people
  • Humility

We have put together a remarkable team of people whose mission it is to deliver meaningful leads and grow your business. Our marketing strategies involve clients and partners working together to deliver elevated results using tested and revolutionary marketing methods with a digital approach. Focusing our solution on SEO as a holistic overview of all digital marketing, our teams develop ground-breaking campaigns which ensure business growth and brand building

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