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How important is SEO Engagement for My Site Rank?

Thanks to Google's user experience update and other recent algorithm updates, engagement on and with your site has become an important ranking factor.

What is SEO Engagement?

SEO engagement is how visitors respond on your website once they have clicked through to it. It's also how users engage on social media and other platforms to reach your page. Visitors click onto your site from Google search results pages (SERPs) or platforms like Instagram. To reach more potential customers, engagement is vital. It influences your search engine rankings and search traffic.

How Visitor Engagement Can Boost Your Rankings

Engagement is very important for search engine optimisation. It is an important ranking signal for Google Search and other leading search engines. The Google Algorithm is integrating more traffic data into where webpages place in SERPs. You can be sure your social media and website engagement is affecting your ranking for organic search.

If your site has Google Analytics installed, Google has the ability to see where your visitors originate from and your click-through rate. If you have visitors arriving from a link on Facebook, Google will see it and it will help build your authority. More engagement observed in the form of user engagement metrics, whether from social platforms or your own website, can have positive effects on your ranking.

Why Site Engagement is Now a Ranking Factor

The way that visitors respond to your site is important. When visitors click onto a page and stay for a while, it will assist with rankings. This is also called a low bounce rate or a longer dwell time. When your bounce rate is low for clicks on certain keywords, you can begin ranking for certain closely-related keywords and phrases.

When visitors click onto a page and come back to the search results quickly, this is not a good sign. It could indicate your site isn't giving them the answers they're looking for. Google's goal is to give people quick, easy access to information that answers their questions.

If your website is able to provide content that satisfies the searcher's questions with relevant topics, it is a sign that your online content is engaging. If it engages, it is considered good quality by the Google Algorithm. The result is that Google will rank the content better, resulting in more organic traffic.

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