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What is Google+?


Google+ is Google’s social network, and although it is the black sheep when it comes to social networks, it is one that we should all be paying attention to because of the SEO benefits of having and building authority on the platform.

There are a number of positive functions of G+, such as how it allows you to connect with contacts that you email regularly from your Gmail account, but what makes Google+ different is that it is not reliant on real-life contacts. This means that your feed won’t be clogged with engagement announcements, baby pictures and yet another wedding you were not invited to. It is all about connecting with people who are interested in the things you are passionate about, and you can do this through creating circles and then curating those circles to include people and pages that are relevant to your interests such as engineering, humour or sport.

Google+ lets you connect with like-minded individuals through communities and circles which help you keep all your interests separate. It also makes use of Google Hangouts which, to quote the definition, “is an instant messaging and video chat platform,” and is unlike any other social platform as it integrates video chat with multiple users.

What is Google+?

SEO Benefits
Rank higher in Google, which is every business’s ultimate goal. A great Google+ page that is updated often, managed, and has all the correct information will help with your website’s ranking.

Getting reviews for your business is important, especially to those that are in the service industry. Reviews are shown in search results, and encouraging users to review your business could result in an increased chance of a search turning into a conversion.

Push content
Posting content on your Google+ pages, just like with other social platforms, is a great way to get like-minded individuals to +1 or interact with your content.