Benzac kills the bacteria that cause acne, for a more confident you.

Benzac is sold in pharmaceutical stores in South Africa as a medical-grade product proven to kill the bacteria that causes acne using active ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide. It is an effective and science-backed solution to acne problems.

Benzac is a product sold by international beauty giant, Galderma. The product is well established internationally, and has been sold in South Africa for many years. Even so, it was not the best selling among topical treatments and acne treatments for mild or moderate acne. 

The brand's assessment was that its performance was related to a lack of knowledge about the scientifically proven efficacy of the brand, and the brand image, which aligned more with their european audience and their needs and interests. 



The brand contacted us to help them become more relevant to a South African audience and to boost their social media performance. Ultimately, the goal was to increase sales of the product in store while following all regulatory requirements in the field for South Africa.


Our first goal was to understand the South African audience and how it differs from the European audience. We found that our audience is more ethnically diverse and interested in the realities of growing up in South Africa. A large portion of the audience were in the teenage years, however older audience members who struggle with acne were also part of the audience, as well as the parents of youth struggling with acne. 

Since the product can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, it is a great option for acne treatment. Building awareness about the product and the effects of Benzoyl Peroxide in a way the audience can relate with would be pivotal. 

Benzac south Africa - Pitchsm case study



In our initial campaign, we took a positive approach to marketing that looked at building confidence and a positive body image rather than focusing on flaws and covering them up. Instead of treatment for acne to hide your shameful pimples, we looked at boosting your confidence with healthier skin that allows you to focus on what matters most. Using competitions, video, and relatable imagery and messaging, we took the brand from bland to relevant.

We were able to transform the brand image after researching and better understanding their audience using only organic social media content, with amazing results. What followed is a stronger connection, where we offer many other services to enhance the brand image and ultimately their bottom line. We consider this case highly successful, because of the amazing results achieved without using paid media.


benzac case study

Our Work for Benzac

- Refresh of the Brand on Social Media Channels

- Align Marketing Efforts with Local Audience

- Organic social media marketing

- Channels: Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram

- Spreading awareness of products and their uses

- Educate consumers about acne, its causes and what they can do to improve the condition

- Creative Design & Video Production

- Photoshoots and Model Management

- Competitor Research and Comparison on Social Media

- Strategy and Market Research

- Website Audit and Recommendations

- Website Redesign

- Paid Google Advertising on Search

Examples of Organic Social Media Content

Examples of Photoshoot Results

Website Redesign

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