Kyocera Document Solutions brings innovation to document management and printing in South Africa for businesses and everyday consumers.

What began as a printer company has branched out to include enterprise content management that can transform your workplace and office. With head offices in Japan, KYOCERA has championed innovative solutions for their customers since 1934! They are renowned for their award-winning printers and MFP products, and for flexible software designed to adapt to your unique business needs.


KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa's digital goals are to increase conversions and manage their channels on a globally acceptable level. Once the pandemic hit, Kyocera brought B2C audiences the ability to purchase devices directly on their website or on

With a limited budget and targeted audience, we brought printers and office devices to the B2C audience for the first time, where before messaging and content focused on B2B offerings. With a long-term positive relationship, our services often extend beyond the usual, including content production and editing.

Messaging and content was required to line up with the brand globally. Our digital strategy and execution of social media management had to be carefully managed to keep in line with the global vision.

Our Services

  • Digital Strategy
  • Client Account Management
  • Social Media Content Calendars
  • Community Management
  • Design
  • Multi-Channel Post Scheduling (Linkedin, Instagram &Twitter)
  • Lead Generation & Email Marketing


  • Steady and consistent management of social media channels
  • Careful alignment with global vision and messaging
  • Decidedly KYOCERA designs and posts
  • Highly Successful B2C launch
  • Long-term relationship and digital partnership to bring results and achieve the brand goals
  • High audience growth percentages achieved through organic content aloneals


  • Successfully launch business to customer printer purchase as a new method offered by Kyocera via and other merchants on the social media channels and website.
  • Organic audience growth for LinkedIn. In the last year, we have grown Kyocera DSSA's organic audience on LinkedIn by 35% with only organic content. This is equal to growth from 1,219 followers to 1,615 followers.

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